It’s been an exciting and emotional week for Tina and I. We’re privately celebrating but being¬†cautiously¬†optimistic since it is so early. We visited the baby-doc on Tuesday for an initial pregnancy screening and everything looks good so far. We got our first picture from an ultrasound. It doesn’t show much but it’s proof that something’s there! The doc prescribed some shockingly-expensive prenatal vitamins and instructed us to return next week for a checkup.

After the doctor’s visit, we went to the library and checked out every book on the subject we could find. We’ve got some reading to do. My choice – “Pregnancy for Dad’s for Dummies”. I’m no dummy, but this book does have some great information.

Keep your fingers crossed, next week our baby should have an audible heartbeat!

Our first look at our baby
Our first look at our baby

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