Alpha One Outdrive Trim Solenoids

I spent the weekend running down issues with the boat. I purchased a new double-size marine battery just to be sure we had full electrical power and she fired right up! I still couldn’t get the outdrive to raise though. After diagnosing the problem, I found the up-solenoid was dead. It’s funny how two issuesContinue reading “Alpha One Outdrive Trim Solenoids”

Project Raven | Planning the Console

I did a quick mock-up of how I am planning to set up the boat console this winter. The left side will include the important engine instruments, ignition, and switches for lesser-used electrical items since they will be partially blocked by the steering wheel. The center will house the Garmin GPSMap 546 GPS/fish finder unit,Continue reading “Project Raven | Planning the Console”

A Tribute to the Open Ocean

It’s Sunday night and I’d like to talk a little bit about my weekend. I wouldn’t say it was terrible, but it was most certainly a learning experience. I’ve been trying for some time now to go fishing and catch some fresh Mahi and Tuna. I had been planning a solo trip on the boatContinue reading “A Tribute to the Open Ocean”

The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 19

We have been so incredibly busy over the past two months that I’ve hardly written anything – But here is a quick update! On Monday, we went for another ultrasound and the results of all of the genetic testing. The good news is that our baby is as healthy as they get! And here’s theContinue reading “The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 19”