Purge All WordPress Users of a Particular Role

I needed to delete all of the subscriber level users on one of my sites recently, and couldn’t find an easy way to do it. My solution? Write some code. It was definitely quicker and easier to run this snippet than to manually delete over 7,700 users from my database. Drop this code into anContinue reading “Purge All WordPress Users of a Particular Role”

AutoGallery of Free Photoshop Textures

I just created shot these photos, created the gallery, and published to the site in less than 60 seconds total with the AutoMedia application. I’ve been working on the server-side plugin and have added a few new features that I think you’re going to like. The most dramatic change is the addition of the AutoGalleryContinue reading “AutoGallery of Free Photoshop Textures”

Cruising on Grace

Greetings from beautiful Palm Beach, FL once again! Tina and I spent some quality family time in Daytona Beach over the weekend where we attempted to catch catfish, ate lots of food, and went cruising on Grace. This was especially exciting for me because after all the adventures I’ve had with them aboard Grace, I’veContinue reading “Cruising on Grace”