The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 39

“Almost over”, says the doctor, “One more week!” That is not really what I wanted to hear and definitely not what Tina wanted to hear. But that’s what we were told. The doc thinks it’s unlikely that spontaneous labor will happen in the next week, and estimates that we will be back next Friday toContinue reading “The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 39”

SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS and no_found_rows

By default, the WordPress SQL query that selects posts from the database will use “SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS …”. This is mainly for pagination purposes, to speed up subsequent queries for the next set of results. Writing the query that way certainly helps speed up the site as a whole, but is useless in some circumstances. Remedy:Continue reading “SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS and no_found_rows”

The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 38

Good news and bad news this week – Tina is having contractions! What’s the bad news? – you might ask. Well, just ask Tina. They hurt. (EDIT: Contractions are normal for many weeks before labor, so don’t get too excited) They’re seldom and very intermittent, but they are definitely happening. At least I have somethingContinue reading “The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 38”

The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 37

After 36 weeks of preparing for our baby we’re finally taking some time to relax. We’ve been taking after-dinner walks on Palm Beach Island and around CityPlace. There’s not much left to do but wait for the serious contractions to start. Tina is moving a bit slower than usual, but she’s as happy and cheerfulContinue reading “The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 37”

Seriously, Germany, You Can Quit Now

American Black-History month must also be Europe’s “Hack the US” month, or something. My blacklist is filling up with users from Germany,¬†Sweden, and London, who have tried to brute force their way into my admin area. Usually it’s Chinese IP addresses with a few African and US addresses thrown in the mix. But¬†someone over inContinue reading “Seriously, Germany, You Can Quit Now”