RDC Oktoberfest Beer

Here is my recipe for Oktoberfest beer. This is a forked version of my first batch of Oktoberfest from kit, and it is delicious! Ingredients 8oz Weyermann Melanoidin Malt 3.3lb Amber Liquid Malt Extract 2lb Light Dry Malt Extract 2oz US Liberty Hop Pellets 6g Muntons Ale Yeast 5oz Priming Sugar 2oz Light Honey Instructions PutContinue reading “RDC Oktoberfest Beer”

Honey Peach Melomel

Ingredients 3/4 gallon water 32oz Joewood Honey 16oz Fine Pureed Peach (pits and skins removed) 1tsp Acid Blend 1tsp Yeast Nutrient 1tsp Pectic Enzyme 2 grams Cote de Blanc Yeast 3-4 Campden Tabs, crushed Instructions Combine honey with 1/3 gallon water. Heat to 180F for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally and skim protein from surface. DOContinue reading “Honey Peach Melomel”