WordPress Multisite on CentOS 7.2, Nginx 1.9.5, PHP7, batcache, and HTTP/2

It was time for an overhaul of my go-to WordPress stack. For a long while, I’ve been running PHP 5.4 on CentOS 6 with Varnish. Technical times are changing and it was overdue for an upgrade;┬áso I bring you this! My first impression of PHP 7 – WOW, Just WOW! The speed increase is phenomenal […]

Create WordPress Test Users From Breaking Bad Characters

Obviously, you should only use this in development environments. This is used to create an abundance of test authors (named after popular TV show characters) in WordPress for testing. Run this from bash terminal: This is also available on GitHub. For extra credit, here is one for Prison Break characters: Again, available on GitHub.