AutoGallery of Free Photoshop Textures

I just created shot these photos, created the gallery, and published to the site in less than 60 seconds total with the AutoMedia application. I’ve been working on the server-side plugin and have added a few new features that I think you’re going to like. The most dramatic change is the addition of the AutoGallery functionality that I promised six months ago. It’s working quite well, and this gallery should be proof enough of that. I’ll be committing the changes to the WordPress SVN after some further bug testing. Have a good weekend everyone!

As I stood in line to vote this morning with Tina, a new US citizen and first-time voter, she stated “In my country we didn’t have voting, we had genocide.” If that doesn’t make you proud to be American there’s something wrong with you. I am so happy to have been a part of that experience with her and share in her excitement. Good luck to all candidates and may the best man win!

Cruising on Grace

Greetings from beautiful Palm Beach, FL once again!

Tina and I spent some quality family time in Daytona Beach over the weekend where we attempted to catch catfish, ate lots of food, and went cruising on Grace. This was especially exciting for me because after all the adventures I’ve had with them aboard Grace, I’ve never actually been out on the water on her.

So here’s our photo-journal of the weekend:

And here’s a video from Silvana of our trip aboard Grace:

And regardless of who you support, REMEMBER TO GO VOTE TOMORROW!

Outdrive Trim is Fixed

I got the outdrive trim all fixed up and ready to go. It wasn’t all that difficult, and I suggest you dive right in and do the job yourself if you have a socket set and screwdrivers.

Both solenoids (up and down) are brand new and the wiring is all cleaned up. The outdrive now goes up and down right on command as it should. I’m ready to take her out for a test run but we’re heading to Daytona Beach again this weekend, so the test will have to wait until next weekend. Bummed, but excited for Daytona. Catfish dinner here we come!

Oh ya, by the way – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Alpha One Outdrive Trim Solenoids

I spent the weekend running down issues with the boat. I purchased a new double-size marine battery just to be sure we had full electrical power and she fired right up! I still couldn’t get the outdrive to raise though. After diagnosing the problem, I found the up-solenoid was dead. It’s funny how two issues came up at exactly the same time last week.

With a little bit of hot-wiring I was able to raise the outdrive. I purchased new up and down solenoids and I’ll install them this week sometime. The Raven will once again be sea-worthy…test run in two weeks!