WordPress AutoMedia

This Android app will upload to your WordPress blog’s Media Library each time you snap a picture. Never again will you have to worry about transferring, organizing, or uploading you photos. Publishing your photos to new or existing posts is a simple click away!

In order to work efficiently, this app requires a simple plugin for your blog which is available for free from within the app. Also note you need a stand-alone install of WordPress and access to FTP login details for your server.

New release coming soon, with some new features and better device support! GET EXCITED!

WordPress AutoMedia publishes photos to your hosted WordPress blog automatic!

Version 2.0 – Far more stable, better features, easier to use

  • Scheduled for release in December, 2012
  • Android Application: Crash on boot fix for most devices
  • Android Application: XMLRPC support added, though no features utilize it until the next version
  • WordPress Plugin: Added AutoGallery feature, which allow your photos to be automatically published to a configured photo gallery in real-time, or as a draft for future review
  • WordPress Plugin: Automatically creates images in all of your blogs configured sizes, no more full-size-only
  • WordPress Plugin: Per request, saves images to the default WordPress upload folders instead of the wpam/archive folder.
  • WordPress Plugin: Added “view image url” link and original image size column to media gallery grid (turn on or off via settings)
  • WordPress Plugin: Added a few more general performance enhancements.

Bug reports, feature requests, and comments – EMAIL rich@codeninjablog.com