The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 12


We are now a few days into week 12, which means the second trimester is officially underway!†Coincidentally, Tina and I celebrated our one-year anniversary on the same day. It’s been a very happy week for us. Tina visited the doctor on Wednesday (for the first time without me)††and got a few updated ultrasound photos… It’s absolutely†mind-blowing†how much the baby grows in only a week!

When we first found out about the pregnancy, we decided only to tell our immediate families and that we would wait until at least the second trimester before spreading the news. That time is almost here but we have a few more people to personally notify. All this writing I’ve been doing and no one has been able to read it yet…I can’t wait to unlock the articles!

We’ve selected a definite girl name and we are discussing a few solid options for a boy name. We are going to keep the names private until the birth, just in case.

So the scary part of the pregnancy is over. Now we’re in for three months of easy life followed by three months of discomfort and apprehension. One thing is for sure – six months from now, life will never be the same!

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