It is time that I talk a bit about myself. I’ve been writing here for years, publishing my thoughts, technical documents, and most personal experiences. But who am I?

Howdy! I’m Rich Collier.


By day, I’m a web developer, systems wrangler, and code ninja. I make all things Internet. I do all things open-source. I build some of the biggest websites on the Internet with WordPress. I work on WordPress.com and Jetpack at Automattic. I love public speaking.

By night, I’m a father, husband, and foodie. I cook epic meals with my wife, entertain my two energetic sons, and brew wine and beer from scratch.

In a past life I flew airplanes and sang rock & roll. Sometimes, I travel.

Also, I fish. A lot. Offshore, saltwater, big prey is my favorite game – but I’m not stubborn. With few exceptions, if it swims I want to catch it and eat it. I write about that also, albeit seldom. My boat is the FVMAHI.COM.

One thought on “About

  1. Dude. I had a major meltdown with my email server, and lost all my emails, including the flagged one with your email address… you’re thinking “Noob”, but it wasn’t my fault… heard that before right… And no I did not have a backup…

    Got some new projects you might be interested in… let’s talk shop and see how many times you think “This guy has no idea how much work that entails…” which means mission accomplished… haha

    I have some stuff up at http://tonygomes.org

    Anyway, miss having people around that I can talk tech + ideas with… gave up on social media all together, so I guess I am off the grid…

    Hope you and the fam are doing well… say hi to Tina…



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