The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 13


This week was also relatively uneventful in the land of pregnancy. Tina’s pregnancy symptoms are slowly fading and she’s returning to (almost) normal.

She had another ultrasound exam Wednesday which I was privledged to attend. It’s amazing to watch the baby tumble and move around inside her while the sonographer takes measurements. I filmed the whole process so if you’d like to see, call me and I’ll share. The baby looks much less like an alien and more like a human this week. Everything looks perfectly normal and healthy.

They drew five vials of blood from Tina for genetics testing. They’re going to do all of the usual testing plus several new “experimental” things. We won’t know the results of those tests for a while and we don’t have another appointment for a couple of months. We are definitely in the easy stage of pregnancy.

We’re now trying to finish spreading the word to our families. That’s been quite a chore for me but I’ve received only positive feedback so far. Very happy, indeed!

I probably won’t have much to write about for a while, so please just keep us in your thoughts until the next update!

  • Ultrasound of our baby sittin’ back and relaxing!

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  1. We are already in love with your creation!!!!!!

  2. We are already in love with your creation!!!!!!

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