The Greatest Creation of my Life | Week 27


It has again been quite a while since I’ve written about our baby, mainly because up until now there hasn’t been much to say! It seems to me that it has been as normal a pregnancy as possible.

We’re getting close now! The third trimester is here and we’re starting to actually prepare for the arrival of our baby boy. Tina’s parents hosted a wonderful baby shower last weekend (view the photo gallery here) where we got to share our joy with family and friends. It was a lot of fun and we are very grateful for the amazing event that Don and Silvana put together. Thanks to all the guests and out-of-towners who sent gifts for our baby. We can’t express how thankful we are for your love and support!

So now we’re down to the final couple months before baby comes and it’s time to prepare. Here’s what we’re getting our hands dirty with lately:

  • Scheduled birthing classes for January 2013. Perfect timing for our schedules and for the pregnancy. It’s a one-day class on a Saturday that we’re attending, but seems like it will be packed with information.
  • Cleaning up the apartment and baby-proofing. This is a lot of fun, we’re having a blast. We actually started moving to Fort Lauderdale in December – we had boxes packed and papers signed – but due to the actions of incompetent real-estate agents we missed out on the deal of a lifetime. So now we’re staying in West Palm Beach for another year. So we are now unpacking our place in a slightly different arrangement.
  • Setting up baby’s room – Another fun item on our list. We’ve done a lot of reading and research and learned quite a lot. As the “man of the house”, I’m very much enjoying this task, other than the fact that I’m dismantling my office and cramming it into the living room.

We are fairly certain that we’ve picked out a name for our boy but it’s not definite until we sign the birth certificate.

I guess the next stop for this blog section will be baby room pictures. Stay tuned!

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