Childbirth Class with Diane Ellen



Yesterday, Tina and I were fortunate to attend the Childbirth Workshop by Diane Ellen at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach where we will have the baby in February. The class was from 8AM until 5PM and was absolutely packed with wonderful information and answers to daunting questions that had been on our minds. We can’t say enough to thank Diane for her engaging, informational, and humorous lectures. We walked away feeling much more confident and informed about birthing and raising our child.

Please check out Diane Ellen, Palm Beach Childbirth Educator website. If you’re expecting, we highly recommend this workshop.

A few tasks that we are currently taking care of:

  • Removing the “missiles” from the car and the truck
  • Finding the best pediatrician in West Palm Beach
  • Registering for a tour of the maternity wing at the hospital
  • Returning and/or replacing a few possibly dangerous items we received at the baby shower
  • A few other things that I won’t mention here …

Soon, I’ll be writing about the 33rd week and updating you on what else is happening in the land of pregnancy and parenthood.

Have a good week everyone!

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