The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 35


We’ve been very busy and two weeks seem to have passed in the blink of an eye. We’ve gotten quite a lot done since my last post. The baby’s room is completed, with paint, furniture, and fixtures all installed. The bags are packed and ready to go to the hospital at a moment’s notice. Tina is officially on leave from work and resting up for the big day.

If the doctor’s estimate is correct, in five weeks our baby will be born and our family one step closer to completion. The road that leads to that day, however, will be a very long one.

Our preparations are nearing completion and our minds are in the right place, but now we are deep into weekly doctor’s visits, pre-labor contractions, and constant apprehension. It’s going to be a long month – a long month, indeed.

Over the three-day holiday weekend, we had visits from every family member in Florida. Silvana and Don, Tina’s mother and step-father came from Wednesday to Friday, followed by my Mom, Roger, and my sister on Saturday. They brought along their contribution to our baby registry and helped us assemble and set up the baby’s crib and dresser. Lastly, Tina’s sisters came to visit Saturday night and stayed until Monday evening.

This weekend, we will go to Key Largo to finalize some of our wedding plans, waddle around the island, and enjoy what will likely be our last vacation without a child.

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  1. Pretty room. I can’t believe it’s almost baby time. How time flies!

  2. Pretty room. I can’t believe it’s almost baby time. How time flies!

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