Here Come The Tuna



The tides were unusually high this weekend in Key Largo and the Atlantic was swelling good at 2-5 foot waveheight. We left the dock at 7AM during a normal low tide and fished until 1PM. We started by trolling blue water Eastward from Molasses Reef until 400 feet of water. The morning started with several Bonito – two pretty nice size – and another normal size. Shortly thereafter we hooked up with a few small Blackfin Tuna followed by another very nice size Blackfin. Then, just about 4 miles due east of Molasses Reef on a wide weed line that lacked density but was well defined, we found the Dolphin and slayed then until exactly 10:30 or 11AM. The majority of the Mahi were average size, ranging from 22 to 30 inches. None of them were super big, but I’ll take that over just-short any day! The baits consisted of RattleJet lures trolled about 100 yards behind the boat. The Tuna and Bonito loved black/purple and the Dolphin loved green.

All in all, it was a great day of fishing off Key Largo. The Blackfin are starting to show up in notable numbers and the Dolphin are still going strong. It’s one of my favorite seasons. Enjoy!

a sizable bonito
A sizable Bonito – the biggest so far in my career
fish tacos
Soon to be fish tacos
a great day fishing
All in all a great day

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