Tuesdays at WPCOM


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I’ve now worked†support for WordPress.com for every day of the week, and Tuesdays seem to be the most difficult.

Maybe it’s the crushing hangover from Sunday night still bringing me down, or maybe it’s that our users got to work on Monday and started submitting more difficult tickets. I’ll assume the latter.

I know, I know – I should be a responsible adult and stay away from behavior that could cause such a hangover. But here’s the thing – my wife and I went out and partied, which we have only done a handful of times in our relationship. Between careers, kids, careers, general life tasks, and careers, we don’t get that opportunity often. So when the chance arose, we jumped head first. And we had an amazing time. So was it worth it? Absolutely. Do I regret it? Hell no. Thanks to Automattic for being a part of making that possible.

As for the Tuesday blues, I’ll make it through. I’ve†set a personal record for ticket volume already. Perhaps difficulty, productivity, and chaos really do coexist in perfect harmony.

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