11,000 Miles: Flagstaff, Arizona



Even after more than a week there, Flagstaff remains one of our favorite towns to spend time in. More than anywhere else in the country, we feel like these people are our people. And the town feels like our town.

Unfortunately, the surrounding Coconino National Forest lands were completely closed due to wildfires in the area. I had planed to spend a fair bit of time on these lands, so this was a huge shock and very disappointing. But luckily, the National Landmarks scattered around the city were still open. I’ll write about those in future posts.

Something extra special did happen while we were in Flagstaff, though. My parents came to visit while we were here! Most of the best moments of this part of the trip were spent just hanging out at the campsite, blowing bubbles, eating fancy foods, and playing laser tag with them.

Another interesting quirk of Flagstaff are the ghost towns just down I-40. We stopped at them for some photo shoots and to explore a bit.

In other news, my kids are getting so big that I fit in some of their clothes. So that’s happening.

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