11,000 Miles: Kanab, Utah



The next stop for us was Kanab, in Southern Utah, at Dark Sky RV Campground. If you’ve been following along with these posts, you’ll notice I haven’t called out any of our campgrounds by name. Most of them are pretty much the same, with the basic amenities – electricity, water supply, and a place to connect a sewer hose. Most have some sort of atmosphere for children. Most have bathrooms and showers. Most are extremely overpriced.

I’m calling out Dark Sky RV Campground because not only is this possibly the best run campground we went to, but it was the cleanest, had the most/best amenities, was run by some very fine human beings, and was one of the least expensive places to boot. And did I mention the location? It’s gorgeous out there. The night sky is as dark as the Patagonia night sky I saw years ago.

Enough gushing about the campground, and on to the adventures. We had so many adventures here that it’s going to be tough to list them all in only one post. And this post won’t even contain the national parks. But … here we go!

Light painting with sparklers

RIP Josie <3

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