How I Lost 65 Pounds in a Year

It’s unavoidable – the weight loss hype is all around us on television, radio, and Internet advertisements. I cannot speak for the legitimacy of those advertisements because I’ve never tried any of them. Today, on, I’d like to share with you an alternate method of weight loss, which may make far more sense forContinue reading “How I Lost 65 Pounds in a Year”

No Snakes on a Plane, but There’s a Shark in the Canal

The Reef-Seeker was running a bit rough last week, and since I had an empty schedule I rebuilt the carburetor and reinstalled it this morning. She was running great, so Mom, Tina and I took her for a test voyage today. We snorkeled at the Benwood then tried our hand at catching some Mahi again.Continue reading “No Snakes on a Plane, but There’s a Shark in the Canal”

Where Have All the Fishes Gone?

A few years ago, Honda Matt, Tawny, Charles and I had an addiction. It wasn’t an affinity to drugs and we weren’t alcoholics. We had an addiction to fishing. We fished the Chesapeake Bay and coastal Atlantic so frequently it became habit. Our group was just short of “expert” status and we usually took homeContinue reading “Where Have All the Fishes Gone?”