Ballooning ABQ

Cannon t3i

I had this vision of my upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon. In my vision, I was taking a photograph of Tina with my cell phone. Immediately after this thought crossed my mind, I went and bought a nice camera.

Sure, it’s not the professional platform that many of my friends work with, but it’s a step in the right direction. I figured this will give me something to learn with that doesn’t break the bank.

Here are a few shots from the past couple days.

Kid’s Rooms

Before our kids moved into our new house, +tina and I spent some time painting and setting up for their arrival.

Roman’s new room. Blue on blue walls and the standard setup for a toddler room.
For Rylan’s room, we decided to go with blue and green, and decorate with planes, trains, and automobiles.

Both of the kids loved their new spaces. Sorry for the terrible images, but hopefully you get the picture.

+rylan +roman