The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 7


Yesterday, we went to the baby-doc for the second time. We heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time! A strong audibe heartbeat greatly reduces the chances of miscarriage, so Tina and I are very happy and excited. We also got a very clear picture of the baby up close, and it’s no longer a black and white blob – it actually slightly resembles a very tiny baby! The reality has set in and we’re starting to merge into a pregnancy routine this week. We’re eating much healthier meals and Tina is fighting constant nausea. All of the typical signs of pregnancy have shown up, but Tina is handling it amazingly well. Man, I love that girl!

So now it’s happy times for us! We’re a lot less worried and apprehensive of the next doctor visit which will be a month from now. Next time they’ll do genetic testing and another ultrasound. Then the real fun of pregnancy will begin 🙂 But I am excited!

Baby has a nice strong heartbeat!
Baby has a nice strong heartbeat!

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