Seriously, Germany, You Can Quit Now



American Black-History month must also be Europe’s “Hack the US” month, or something. My blacklist is filling up with users from Germany,†Sweden, and London, who have tried to brute force their way into my admin area. Usually it’s Chinese IP addresses with a few African and US addresses thrown in the mix. But†someone over in Europe found my blog and has made it their #1 target. Who did I piss off?

So Europe, listen up. You’re wasting your time. You’re probably not going to hack my site, and you’re almost certainly not going to hack my site at the WordPress level. According to†it will take your crappy Macbook pro 71 quadrillion years (holy crappp) to crack my site.

Just sayin’, there is NOTHING on this site worth that much time.

Footnote: When you get blacklisted by one of my filters it will be system-level, and permanent.†And by the way, JACKASSES, WordPress does not have an account named “admin”.

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