The Greatest Creation of My Life | Week 37


Robin's nest

After 36 weeks of preparing for our baby we’re finally taking some time to relax. We’ve been taking after-dinner walks on Palm Beach Island and around CityPlace. There’s not much left to do but wait for the serious contractions to start. Tina is moving a bit slower than usual, but she’s as happy and cheerful as ever and doing an amazing job of keeping any discomforts to herself.

One thing left on our schedule is to tour the maternity wing of the hospital, which we are scheduled to do this Saturday. Due to scheduling conflicts, we’re attending the tour much later in the pregnancy than usual. Heck, we might as well just set up camp and STAY.

Anyways, we’re enjoying the final few weeks of non-parenthood. It will probably be eighteen years before we can jump in the car and have adventures without a bit of planning – but it’s a sacrifice that is very well worth making.

Except in the unlikely event of early labor, you’ll hear from me again in seven days. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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