More Goodies For The Boat



I wanted to write an update to my last post about fixing up my boat.

I re-installed the starter, tightened up all the other small issues, and cranked the engine for about ten minutes. Nothing.

BUT …I think I flooded it … because the next day she fired up on the first try, nice and strong, just like she should!

Before it was running, I bought this tool to [attempt to] test the ignition system:

AutoCraft AC664 Ignition TesterTo be fair, the boat has a points ignition system which may somehow differ from other similar systems, but this thing DID NOT do the job. A spark is a spark, and nothing was happening with this tool installed as it should be. My guess? The shaft is pretty loose and difficult to adjust, and coated with some sort of anodized material. They should have made the shaft uncoated copper, aluminum, or nickel. NOT anodized steel.

I know the tool wasn’t working as it should, because the engine actually fired up while it was connected, but this thing still wasn’t sparkin’!

Yesterday, I decided I was sick of wrenching the batteries on and off every time I got on the boat. So, I ordered this:

SAMSUNGThis is a fantastic piece, which allows me to select a single battery, both batteries, or completely disconnect them. It’s rated for 230A continuous and 345A momentary, which should be ample (no pun intended). It also includes a field disconnect, so the switch can be moved with the engine running – which is a great feature. Installation was quick and easy.

So the boat starts, runs, shifts, and (hopefully) floats well. Time to go play! We’re leaving for the Keys tomorrow evening … Cheers!

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