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I have often had a difficult time trying to import a large number of GPS waypoints into my Garmin chart plotter. To make the task a little easier, I just completed a quick and dirty CSV to GPX converter. Once you have converted your data, you can import the file into Garmin HomePort and finally upload it to your chart plotter unit.

I hope the following can save youthe time that I have wasted over the years trying to input waypoints one-at-a-time.

Check out the code on GitHub

3 responses to “CSV to GPX Converter”

  1. I have been attempting to import 2 coastal charts into Homeport for over 2 years. I have finally obtained the 2 charts needed but how do I import those into Homeport? Once into Homeport, an associate has the knowledge to export them into my Garmin unit. Please be advised that I am challenged when dealing with computers.

    Thank you, Bob G.

    1. Hey Bob,

      If you can post the coastal charts to a place where I can access them, I’d be happy to take a look and see if they can be converted. If it’s possible, I’d be happy to do the conversion and send back to you.


  2. Awesome blog you havve here

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