30 Day Photo Challenge

Last year, I purchased a Canon T3i so I could record some memories of my travels to Nepal, Qatar, The Grand Canyon, and other amazing places. I haven’t spent a lot of time developing a photography “style” or even learning how to use the camera well, but I’ve decided that the time has come to focus and polish my skills.

A good way to do that is to take on a 30 day photo challenge that I stumbled upon. Here is my List:

1. Self Portrait
2. What You Wore
3. Clouds
4. Something Green
5. After Dark
6. Changes to Come
7. Silhouette
8. Routine
9. Someone You Love
10. Childhood Memory
11. Something Blue
12. Sunset
13. Cannot Live Without
14. Eyes
15. Obsession
16. A Good Habit
17. Technology
18. Your Shoes
19. Something You Want
20. In My Bag
21. Faceless Self Portrait
22. Inspirational
23. Patterns
24. Animal
25. Strangers
26. Close-Up
27. Celebration
28. Flowers
29. Black & White
30. Self Portrait

I’ve ordered a portrait lens and remote for my camera and I’ll begin tomorrow. Due to time constraints, I don’t expect to complete the photos every day, but I will do the list in order and post my progress here on my blog.

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