My take on Chicken Tikka Masala

I recently visited Nepal, where they feature a lot of Indian foods. I fell in love with authentic Masala Chicken. When I got home, I just had to concoct my own recipe. This is pretty darn close to the real thing, both in terms of flavor and authenticity. First, make some garam masala spice. CombineContinue reading “My take on Chicken Tikka Masala”

An Update To My Veganism Experiment

In January, I vowed to go vegan to try to combat my persistent IBD. With the exception of my trip to Hawaii where I ate some fish and a bit of beef, I made good on the promise to eat only vegan foods. The results are not positive, however. I immediately gained 8 pounds and fluctuatedContinue reading “An Update To My Veganism Experiment”