The Learning Curve: Apple iPhone

I like to challenge myself when I can, and go a different direction with software or hardware than I’m used to. So this week, I broke from my decade-long Android trance and picked up an iPhone 7 Plus instead. Even Tina decided to make the switch. So we’re purely an iPhone family now. As aContinue reading “The Learning Curve: Apple iPhone”

Alexa + AWS Lambda Hello World in Javascript

Here is the Javascript version of my earlier tutorial Hello World in AWS Lambda + Amazon Alexa: [code language=”javascript”] ‘use strict’; function buildResponsePayload( title, output, repromptText, shouldEndSession ) { return { outputSpeech: { type: ‘PlainText’, text: output }, card: { type: ‘Simple’, title: ‘alexaHelloWorld – ‘ + title, content: ‘alexaHelloWorld – ‘ + output },Continue reading “Alexa + AWS Lambda Hello World in Javascript”

Alexa + AWS Lambda Hello World in Python

I recently began to fool around with integrating Amazon Alexa with my Home Assistant install in a custom manner. By default, you can set up an emulated Hue in the HA configuration which allows you to toggle lights, but I wanted to do more – which means I had to build my own custom AlexaContinue reading “Alexa + AWS Lambda Hello World in Python”