Alexa + AWS Lambda Hello World in Javascript

Here is the Javascript version of my earlier tutorial Hello World in AWS Lambda + Amazon Alexa: [code language=”javascript”] ‘use strict’; function buildResponsePayload( title, output, repromptText, shouldEndSession ) { return { outputSpeech: { type: ‘PlainText’, text: output }, card: { type: ‘Simple’, title: ‘alexaHelloWorld – ‘ + title, content: ‘alexaHelloWorld – ‘ + output },Continue reading “Alexa + AWS Lambda Hello World in Javascript”

I Open Sourced My Twenty Sixteen Child Theme

Today, I open sourced my Twenty Sixteen child theme. It includes an empty resume page template and a clean travel shortcode that uses Google Maps. You’ll need to check out the source code for usage, but it’s very simple 🙂 This child theme is meant to be only very small improvements to the WordPress TwentyContinue reading “I Open Sourced My Twenty Sixteen Child Theme”

Easy Automatic Facebook Share Counts (Fully Javascript)

Drop this little gem in your site’s header: [javascript] <script> function numberFormat(x) { return x.toString().replace(/B(?=(d{3})+(?!d))/g, ‘,’); } jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(‘.trigger_facebook_count’).each(function(){ var url = $(this).attr(‘data-url’); var that = $(this); $.get(‘; + url, function(data) { that.html(numberFormat(data.shares)); }); }); }); </script> [/javascript] Then, add elements to your page like so: [html]<div class="trigger_facebook_count" data-url=""></div>%5B/html%5D Remember to change the data-url toContinue reading “Easy Automatic Facebook Share Counts (Fully Javascript)”